Government records & tech 


Streamline, modernize, and manage records, data, and systems, cost-effectively, and in compliance.

The Challenge

Efficiency and compliance in government is largely dependent on how well it manages information. Outdated approaches to records management and technology increases costs, liability, customer and employee frustration.

Common barriers to success:

Unnecessary retention of zero-value records

Disparate systems and siloed information

Paper-driven records management

Unmanageable records requests

Insufficient technology

Lack of training and policy

Let’s fix it.

Over 4500 agencies across 47 states have turned to PRI to help them modernize, reduce liability, get the right technology, and achieve compliance.

How We Help

Specialized training, consulting, and technology services.

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Modern & compliant mission critical records.


Employee records managed as they should be.


Finance. Purchasing. Transportation. Public Works.

What People Are Saying About PRI

City of Vancouver, WA Records Project

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“Having PRI on our team was crucial to the success of our start-up. There were countless times they brought up an item for review that wasn’t on our radar and needed to be considered. Having their expertise and outside perspective helped us avoid many roadblocks.”

Katrina West, Vancouver, WA Police Records Manager

City of Sioux Falls Training

“Excellent presentation. It was engaging and very knowledgeable to our state data. Appreciate you guys taking us on. I hope it also encourages our state to update our material.

City of Sioux Falls

City of Nashville Audit

“Your experience and expertise in the area of police operations, crime data and records management was a valuable resource that I would be happy to call on again, should the need arise.”

Office of Internal Audit, Metropolitan Nashville

Compliance & Best Practices

Whether you’re seeking new systems or to gain compliance, our services enable enterprise-wide or agency-level information management excellence.

Moving Information To Tomorrow

 Departing from the old way of records management to today’s digital age enables fully electronic processes: faster workflows, real-time info, better quality control and customer service.

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Avoiding the Lawsuits – How to Make Your Records Operations Better, Faster, and Compliant.

Top 3 Reasons for Public Records Lawsuits

Taking too long to process requests

Incorrect redaction or release of public information

Making access to public records unnecessarily difficult