Modernize, streamline, and consolidate employee records.


Modernize, streamline, centralize, secure.


Faster. Better. Online


Done right.


Schedule. Inventory. Purge.

HR Records Management Modernization and Compliance


Backlogs, Non-Compliance, Inefficiencies

Paper-driven records operations
Disparate applications/outdated tech
Unsecure information
Records/data don’t get purged
Dispersed employee records


Outdated process and organizational structure
Duplication of effort, data, and technology
Insufficient technology
Lack of training


Efficient, compliant, and aligned systems and procedures.

Needs assessments
Strategic planning, policy, training
Process re-engineering
New workflows, deduplication, data integrity
Centralization & security of information
Digitization of records

A sampling of agencies which have selected PRI for our exceptional services:

Public Records Made Easy. See How.


Requests are on the rise. Logs and spreadsheets. Redaction is difficult.

Lack of internal public records oversight
Turnaround time not tracked
Insufficient technology for processing requests
Staffing shortage
Unfamiliarity with public records laws


Online public records requests and payments, saving time, efficiency, costs. 

Web-based public records request system
Built-in smart redaction tool
Integrated payment portal
Free trial and training
Instant access with a simple login; zero maintenance, no hidden fees, nothing to install.
Public records law training

How To Ensure HR System Project Success


Records technology is needed. Project resources are limited.

HR records are still on paper
The current technology is insufficient
Domain expertise is needed
New system requires an RFP

Causes of Failed Projects and Systems

Insufficient planning, research, due diligence
Lack of business process re-engineering
Poorly written RFP
Lack of project management
Contract improperly negotiated


Expert guidance. Project services. Successful outcome.

Thorough needs assessments with properly written system specifications
Well-written RFP and defensible procurement process protecting your interests
Selection of a vendor with superior support and a proven product
Skillfully negotiated contract controlling vendor performance and price
Prevention of vendor proposals and demos with roadmaps and vaporware
Project and risk management to keep your project on track

Inventory and Purge Help


Boxes of old records are piling up. Nobody knows what can be purged. The inventory and purge would take months of staff time.

Outdated retention schedules
Records are printed and filed
Source documents are retained after being scanned
Records are filed improperly
Records are kept beyond necessary retention
Forms are on paper and filled in by hand


Not only can we inventory and purge the records in lightning speed, we can re-engineer your record indexing and retention procedures so the backlog never happens again.

New retention schedules, new ways of doing business, and lot’s of work off your plate. Relief is here.

Our Proven Process

Our standard process, refined from years of experience, ensures everything goes according to plan and frees up your time to focus on the business of the day

Project team is assembled

Work plan is developed

Assess needs

Deliver results

Monitor progress

Document everything

Next Steps

Calendar a free 30 minute needs assessment and tell us about your needs.

We’ll develop and provide you a plan of action.

We’ll send a proposal describing how we can help and what it would cost.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Public concerns about the accuracy of the police department crime statistics have been addressed by this comprehensive review. The report details exactly how the errors occurred and what we need to do to fix them. This exhaustive report will serve as a basic template for every police department in the country that has experienced crime data errors..

Executive Director
Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission

Your experience and expertise in the area of police operations, crime data and records management was a valuable resource that I would be happy to call on again, should the need arise.

Office of Internal Audit
Metropolitan Nashville