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Intro to Government Records Management

Live Online

Are you new to the world of records, getting organized, or looking to start a new records program? This is a great course to get started and learn the foundational requirements and principles of records management in state and local government. This course simplifies the vast amount of information in this field. 


Managing Police Records (State-specific)

Learn how long records must be kept, in what format, when they can be destroyed, and what the legal requirements are for releasing records. 1-day.

Intro to Law Enforcement Records Mgmt.

New to records? This course is for you. Learn what you need to know about managing records in policing. 1-day.

Managing Jail Records


Learn how long records must be kept, in what format, when they can be destroyed, and best practices for digitizing records.

Managing Fire/Rescue Records


Learn how long records must be kept, in what format, when they can be destroyed, and what the legal requirements are for releasing records. 1-day.

Eliminating Risk and Liability in Records

Records management is an increasing area of risk and liability and…lawsuits. Learn how to prevent litigation, achieve compliance, and better performance. 1-day.

Going Paperless: Why and How

Learn how to transition from time consuming, paper-driven operations to electronic forms, records, files, workflows, and business process. Learn what state and federal law allows for digital records. 3-hours.

police record redaction services

Intro to Sealing and Expunging Records (State-specific)

A 2.5 hour course where you will learn the legal requirements, process, and best-practices for these court orders.

Criminal Law vs. NIBRS: Accurate Coding of Offense Reports

Get the legal training your Records personnel need to correctly decipher the events described in your agency’s police reports and reconcile state law with NIBRS offenses. 1-day.

Florida Sunshine Law for Law Enforcement

Learn what should or should not be released to the public according to Florida law and corresponding legal opinions. Note, see Redacting Records course for other states. 1-day.

California Public Records Act for Law Enforcement

A one day in-depth course covering the California Public Records Act and how to respond to subpoenas. Note, see Redacting Records course for other states.

Redacting Records: What can and cannot be released (State-specific)

Learn how to identify and redact information in police records including reports, audio, video, juvenile, and traffic records. 2-hours.

Crime Stats & NIBRS for the Police Executive

Learn what you need to know to understand, explain, review, and report your crime statistics correctly. 1-day.

Writing Reports NIBRS Style

Compliance with NIBRS requires a new approach to report writing. Learn the nuances of writing reports according to this standard. 1-day.

Transitioning To NIBRS: What You Need To Know

Learn a 4-step plan for transitioning to NIBRS successfully. 2-hours.

Investigators Working

Hate Crimes: Reporting NIBRS Bias-Based Offenses

This 4-hour course will include guidance in the requirements for investigating and reporting bias-based offenses to NIBRS.

Investigators Working

Case Management

Learn what case management really is and how it affects your NIBRS data, clearance rates, records retention periods, and the procedures needed to keep case status and dispositions correct throughout the course of an investigation and prosecution. 3-hours.

CAD/RMS/JMS Procurement and Project Management

This advanced, executive-level course provides the knowledge needed to draft an RFP, select a vendor, and manage the project. 1-day.

Police on Scene

Report Writing 102: What the Academy Doesn't Teach

Every report must contain the information needed to correctly document a crime, aid detectives in follow-up investigations, ensure conviction, and lessen the burden placed on reviewing supervisors and records personnel in the review and correction of reports. 1-day.

Reviewing & Approving Reports: Who Should Do It and How

To this day, many police agencies have an outdated and risky approach to reviewing and correcting reports. Doing it incorrectly leads to production of misinformation, different versions of reports, and risk of litigation. Misconceptions regarding the role records personnel and police supervisors play in the report review process are prevalent. Learn how to review reports, correct errors, and document changes to reports correctly. 1-day.



Managing HR Records

Coming Soon

Learn how to modernize HR records procedures, how long employee records must be kept, and best practice for creating and managing records electronically, enabling centralized, fast and easy access. You will also receive the state-specific requirements including retention schedules, laws, and guides.

Actual Course Comments

“I have attended many seminars and training classes over the last 20 years in law enforcement; I have to say with certainty, yours was simply amazing. You are very informed about the topic you teach. VERY informed.”

Pleasant Hill PD

“Compared to other records seminars, this blows them out of the water!! Not the same dry instruction, but actual real world conditions. The ideas for improving ‘systems’ and ‘people’ were sound and logical. Fantastic!”

“Records management seminar is a must for anyone who deals with records–very informative class, extremely knowledgeable instructor. Send your employees–it’s worth every penny.”
Sunrise Police Dept.

“This class exceeded my expectations! We have already scheduled future training with PRI Management Group. We are looking forward to the next class.”

“I attended the Crime Stats and UCR for the Police Executive seminar. As with the others, the class was very informative. Thanks for another great class!”
Ft. Lauderdale Police Dept.

“The seminar was outstanding, I hope to make some changes here in my department with some of what I have taken away from this class.”

“I have attended other records management seminars in the past and this one was far above any of the others. Thanks for a great class.”
Avon Park Police Dept.

“I really enjoyed the way every portion was explained. It wasn’t overwhelming, but it put into perspective the importance of running a good police records unit.”

“Very personable and extremely knowledgeable about the police business. The stories are entertaining and have meaning to the topic at hand. Great incorporation of videos and images to liven up the lecture.”

“We thoroughly enjoyed the style and presentation of this class. It was easy to understand and the instructor made the class entertaining. Never a dull moment.”

“No suggestions. really enjoyed the class. We will be taking the UCR class in March and are very excited to get everything started for our own records unit.”

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